Kuroma streams new single “Perfect Girl”

Kuroma debuts single "Perfect Girl", the track is off the New Album "The Dark Horse Rides Again"

Kuroma has released their new song “Perfect Girl” today, a song that frontman Hank Sullivant wrote about his wife. For Hank Sullivant, the creative force behind Kuroma, the making of his band’s new album The Dark Horse Rides Again was a balance of grace and despair, and of finding inspiration in places least expected. It’s the kind of art that can only come from deeply personal examination and reflection, and the trust in one’s closest communities and one’s self to do the resulting emotions justice, with honesty, courage, and no small amount of hip-shaking, earth-rattling, psychedelic groove.

Since the mid 2000’s, Sullivant, along with his current bandmates Simon O’Connor, James Richardson, and Will Berman, have been playing shows with MGMT and The Whigs, as well as proper Kuroma tours with Tame Impala, Jarvis Cocker, The Walkmen, and more. The band has grown upwardly since its 2007 full-length debut, Paris, the subsequent Psychopomp in 2010, and Kuromarama in 2015. The story behind The Dark Horse Rides Again reveals both a new side to the band as well as a deeper, more introspective look into its leader’s spiritual history and psyche. “It is a really personal album,” Sullivant says. “All this music is through the lens of my spirituality and my conversion to Catholicism. The album goes into a lot of deeply personal areas.”

Kuroma – The Dark Horse Rides Again
October 14, 2016 | Votiv

1. A Day With No Disaster
2. A Curse Of Mine
3. Lucky Man
4. I’m The Kind
5. Perfect Girl
6. Uprising
7. I Don’t Know What I Should Do
8. In A California Way
9. The Sun Is Too High
10. I Want The Kingdom
11. Tennessee Walker
12. The Island In Me

Kuroma will play a NYC show at Brooklyn’s Union Pool on Wednesday, October 5th.