Knox Hamilton announce remix EP

Knox Hamilton announce "Washed Up Together" remix EP featuring French Horn Rebellion, Cory Nelson, Xan Griffin

Knox Hamilton will release three remixes of “Washed Up Together,” the first single from their debut full-length The Heights, which will be launched in early 2017 on Prospect Park Records. Remixes from Cory Nelson and Xan Griffin were selected from a collection of 90 different versions of the song, which were submitted to the band as part of a worldwide contest through WAVO that fielded entries from the United States, Germany, Sweden, The UK, Canada, Norway, Columbia, India, Brazil, Russian and others over the course of 30 days.

In addition to the tracks selected by the band, French Horn Rebellion was commissioned to tweak the breakout track, which will be included on the December 2, 2016 release.

All three tracks supply their own distinct and unique take on the song. While French Horn Rebellion’s remix provides pulsing electronic drums and atmospheric chips under hints of jazz hall brass, Corey Nelson’s version approaches with a more forgiving, easy-going vibe. Xan Griffin’s exaggerated mix reimagines the whole sound all-together, using hyper-focused break beats and exaggerated drum and guitar hits.


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