Klangstof streams new track “Hostage”

Klangstof streams new track "Hostage"

“Weight In Gold” crooner Gallant, and RnB duo THEY and Los Angeles’ based label Mind of a Genius have announced the signing of Dutch producer, singer and songwriter Klangstof, as the latest edition to their growing collective. They recently premiered Klangstof’s debut single, “Hostage”, which you can stream below.

Klangstof (Koen) began teaching himself how to make music age 14 whilst growing up in the Norwegian wilderness. Inspired by Radiohead’s seminal album ‘Ok Computer’, Koen started with the guitar and soon mastered playing the entire album. Two years later, his voice was rapidly making its way across the Nordic airwaves after he uploaded a song to a Norwegian music site.

He then joined one of Holland’s largest bands, Moss, and in spite of the critical acclaim he received as their bass player, Koen yearned for creating music in isolation. It was during this period of disillusionment that Klangstof was birthed, and the emotionally charged single “Hostage”, penned, to describe feeling stuck and itching for a creative outlet.

In the same way that he created a non-referential stage name (“klang” means echo in Norwegian and “stof”, dust in Dutch), Klangstof set out to make music that continuously shifts back and forth between reality and the unknown.