King Krule’s New Video for ‘Rock Bottom’ – Double A-side Single out Now on Rinse

Rock Bottom, a triumphantly doomed rhythm and blues track, now has a triumphantly
doomed video to match. Conceived by Archy Marshall aka King Krule, the video was directed
by two local friends from south-east London – Pariac and Michael Morrissey. The video
purveys tormenting experiences for Krule – attacked by dogs whilst getting beaten up by
suited men in bowler hats and being served a bowl of motor oil by a creature with a terrifying
cactus face. The inevitable disconsolate feel is impelled by the locations of the film, which
are set across three areas in London including the mysterious Isle of Grain, near the Thames
Esturay. The island, with its blue sky, pebble beach and water ultimately acts as a panacea
for Krule, compared to the physical and emotional suffering witnessed in the other scenes. As
this song and video verifies, Archy Marshall is defiantly an artist on the up and one to watch
for 2013.