Kim Deal Reveals Installment from Solo Series

Kim Deal Reveals Fourth Installment of New Solo Series on 7" Vinyl Available April 1 + Premieres new music video for "The Root"

After running into fellow musician and friend Morgan Nagler in the driveway of a recording studio in Los Angeles, Kim Deal was inspired to make music.

“Listening to the demo she gave me I was reminded of how much I love her voice,” Deal says. “I asked her to come over and play music with me.”

For the creative duo many hours would be spent in great collaboration.

Deal played most of the instruments and sings lead on “The Root” while Nagler’s voice effortlessly guides “Range on Castle.”

“We took turns singing, rewriting words in magic markers and connecting and re-routing the colorful snakes and cables that first invited me to her recording cellar in LA,” Nagler says.

While Deal played, Nagler recalls pressing the Record, Stop, Play and RTZ buttons on various tape machines.

“I think the tracks sound cool,” Deal says. “We knew we needed to put them out as one of the 7″s in the Kim Deal Solo Series.”The installment will be available on 7’’ vinyl as well as digitally via iTunes/Amazon. Version 1 will feature artwork by Vaughan Oliver (official release) while Version 2 will be a strictly limited [1000 copies] white label edition.

Track Listing

The Root

Range on Castle

Both songs written by Kim Deal & Morgan Nagler

Self Released by Kim on Period Music

Artwork by Vaughan Oliver (official release)

For more details on Kim’s special 7″ series,

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