Kilo Kish releases ‘Reflections in Real Time’

Kilo Kish releases 'Reflections in Real Time' album

Reflections in Real Time “is a loose conceptual LP delving into the quirks of Kilo Kish’s interpersonal relationships, work, frustration, apprehension, and inner thinking. As if working backwards, Kish titled the album’s songs first and then did stream-of-consciousness exercises to uncover how she felt about each of the different themes such as “self importance” and “fulfillment?”. Playing out like a melodrama and soundtracked by producer Ray Brady, Kish pulls from all realms of emotion except for love and romantic infatuation; instead she shares the most private elements of her being including fear, embarrassment, and confusion. The result is a thought capsule of her state of mind from 23 to 25 and is unequivocally her most personal and honest work.

The record also marks the launch of her own imprint Kisha Soundscape + Audio. The label will exist congruously with her brand Kisha where she is preparing a home goods and accessories line.

Reflections in Real Time is out now on leap year day, February 29th. Watch the music video for “existenial crisis hour!” below.

Kilo Kish
Reflections in Real Time

part I: outside
01. thank you!
02. hello, lakisha
03. distractions I : the opposite sex
04. age + self esteem : a funhouse mirror
05. distractions II : the dilemma of cool
06. self importance
07. collected views from dinner
08. fulfillment?
09. taking responsibility
10. intermission ft. John Michael Anderson

part II: inside

11. the fears of a dilettante
12. obsessing
13. life : the cruel interlude (on god)
14. frustrations + solutions
15. humans + ants in proportion (unfinished)
16. existential crisis hour!
17. on the mend
18. relief! (my answers so far)
19. poem A
20. outpatient mentality