Khun Narin gets mixed by The Gaslamp Killer

Khun Narin gets mixed by The Gaslamp Killer.

With their sophomore LP out now, Khun Narin’s Electric Phin Band have been mixed by The Gaslamp Killer. GLK has taken material from both of the Khun Narin albums and combined them into a signature mix with The Gaslamp Killer’s unique touch. The psychedelic 24 minute jam is streaming below and is available physically via 150 limited edition cassette copies, available at Innovative Leisure’s pop-up shop at Space 15 Twenty in Hollywood (April 1-30).

Previously, the band shared a unique look into the live recording process of their album with a video clip of the track “Chackim” that they recently debuted. The recording took place out in the open air just as the music is traditionally performed. II is out now with 200 limited edition blue vinyls available from Innovative Leisure as well as digitally through iTunes.

Los Angeles-based record label Innovative Leisure first brought the psychedelic sounds of Khun Narin’s Electric Phin Band to Western listeners with their release of the group’s self-titled record. A close friend of the label, producer and sound engineer Josh Marcy, discovered the group’s cover of The Craberries’ “Zombie” as it made rounds through a small group of music heads. Josh set out to Thailand to record the band for their first album and has since returned to record II, the latest offering from Innovative Leisure. Below, Josh recalls how the second album came to be;

“We were lucky to get the first album done in just a 24 hour visit, but I was determined to make it back to Lom Sak for a longer time and more prepared with pedals and mics. A year and a half after the first recording, I travelled back for Songkran-Thai New Year-and finally got to see in person these amazing musicians making crowds of all ages dance while pushing their sound system miles down the road. This spirit of celebration that originally made me want to visit comes through even better on this second album, recorded on the biggest holiday in Thailand.”

Khun Narin’s Electric Phin Band’s membership is always in rotation and spans several generations, from high school kids to men well into their 60s. A standard engagement has the band setting up at the hosting household during the morning rituals, playing several low-key sets from the comfort of plastic lawn chairs occasionally working in a cover version of a foreign classic while the beer and whiskey flow freely. After a mid-day banquet, they start up the generator and lead a parade through the community to the local temple, picking up more and more partiers along the way. The band takes pride in their custom PA system, as well as an imposing tower of 8 loudspeaker horns atop a huge bass cabinet.