Ken Stringfellow (The Posies, Big Star, ex-REM) Announces New LP ‘Danzig In The Moonlight’

Ken Stringfellow – musician, songwriter, producer, arranger – has been part of the indie landscape since the debut of his acclaimed band The Posies in 1988. In addition to his groundbreaking work with the Posies, Ken was part of rock legends Big Star, one of the most acclaimed and legendary groups of all time, from 1993 until the death of Alex Chilton in 2010. He also spent ten years on the road and in studio with R.E.M., appearing on two albums (2001’s Reveal and 2004’s Around the Sun).

For Big Star, Ken played bass, sang and helped create the band’s 2005 album “In Space”, their first since 1978’s timeless “Third/Sister Lovers”. He’s still frequently called upon to perform, speak about, and celebrate the music of one of the cornerstones of indie rock. The list of collaborations goes on: producer/engineer on albums for Damien Jurado, the Long Winters, China’s Hanggai, and dozens more; onstage and on-album appearances with Snow Patrol (keyboards on their Eyes Open album), Neil Young, Patti Smith, Mudhoney, Death Cab For Cutie…to list all his work over the years would add up to hundreds of albums and thousands of live appearances.

Ken is set release his fourth album, Danzig in the Moonlight, October 2nd on Spark & Shine Records. The album was recorded at the legendary ICP Studios in Brussels, and mixed by up and coming production team TheLAB in Los Angeles. Ken also received contributions from musicians in Mumbai, Italy, Seattle and more. The album itself has moments of fearsome electro-tinged menace, balanced with some intensely intimate fragility. Like Stringfellow’s lifestyle it’s multi-national, genre-defying, challenging and deeply musical.

His shows are legendary, pushing minimalism to its core definition, often performing without using the house PA, Ken’s voice soars, cries, leaps from barely audible to room-filling anguish, joy, sorrow and humor. Ken’s live show has been raved about in packed audiences from Lithuania to Lima, from Taipei to Tasmania, from Johannesburg to Trinidad.


Jesus Was an Only Child

110 or 220 V



History Buffs

You’re the Gold

Drop Your Pride


4am Birds – The End of All Light – The Last Radio

Oderless, Colorless, Tasteless

Even the Forgers Were Left Fingering the Fakes

Doesn’t It Remind You of Something (feat. Charity Rose Thielen of The Head and the Heart)

Savior’s Hands

You’re a Sign

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