Kedr Livanskiy streams forthcoming release ‘Ariadna’

Kedr Livanskiy (gateway to Russia's electronic underground)
Kedr Livanskiy

Kedr Livanskiy AKA:Yana Kedrina, confesses “Synthesizers help me maximally feel the present moment.” Livanskiy was born into a shifting and critical time for Russia. The Soviet Union had exhausted and old values were anathematized because of reconstruction. A sense of displacement drove Kedr to find herself.

She’s escaped reality repeatedly in her explorations into the imagery and ideas of romanticism, mythical and fairytale themes which visibly bleed throughout her work and especially on her debut full-length Ariadna.

Ahead of her debut full-length, before its release on 2MR next week, via Hype Machine.

“Her inspiration for this record comes from the Izhevsk (sometimes referred to as “the capital of Russian electronic music”) sound of the 80s, including groups like Stuk Bambuka V XI Chasov (Bamboo Crash at 11AM) and Samtsy Dronta. The movement in Russian experimental music is especially inspiring, with acts likes Valery Chkalov, Sergey Kuryokhin and Pop Mechanica; in general, the late-Soviet period was very inspiring with all its figures in music, cinema, their energy and their approach towards life and art”.

Albums and artists she is inspired by in general:
Cluster & Eno
Biosphere – Shenzhou
Chris Watson
Some albums by Coil
NEU, Kraftwerk, Huerco S.
Muslimgauze, Psychic TV, D.Å.R.F.D.H.S.
Mono Junk – Gloom
Anthony Rother,
Robert Turman
Boards of Canada and Aphex Twin are of course eternal companions and an endless source of inspiration.