Kedr Livanskiy releases new video for “Kiska”

Kedr Livanskiy announces new LP 'Your Need' on 2MR, along with the announcement, the artist has Shared a video for album track "KISKA"
Kedr Livanskiy "Kiska"

singer and producer, Kedr Livanskiy, has released a video for “Kiska”. Kedr teamed up with friend and long time collaborator Konstantin Bushmanov to create an unreal world on the screen and fully design a new special artistic reality.

Kedr Livanskiy on the video:

“This song is about a girl who’s a badass. “Pu**y gonna sit on your face” – this is a mythical, crazy expression from the ghettos of Russia’s Marino district. This is a message to everyone who doesn’t believe in you, to all the haters and good-for-nothings. It means, shut your mouth. You don’t need to tell me how to dress and what to do. Some people fantasize about being a princess or a knight in shining armor, but I imagine myself as an unapologetic, tough person who can stand up for herself. The lyrics shouldn’t be taken too seriously — this music above all embodies a wild dance, where you can forget and get high on yourself.”

Kedr Livanskiy
Your Need
May 3, 2019

1 – Your Need
2 – Sky Kisses
3 – Why Love
4 – Lugovoy (November Dub)
5 – Bounce 2
6 – Kiska
7 – Your Need (Deep Mix)
8 – LED
9 – City Track
10 – Ivan Kupala (New Day)

Kedr Livanskiy

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08/03: Berlin, GE – About Blank
09/03: Brussels, BE – Botanique
10/03: Amsterdam, NE – Garage Noord