Kat Vinter shares Vimes’ remix

Kat Vinter has shared VIMES' remix of "Downtime."

Today, Kat Vinter has shared VIMES’ remix of “Downtime.” The version is a lighter, more summery than the original. Like dappled light dancing among the shadows, the sounds used create an atmosphere of buoyancy without losing the lush textures and intimacy of the former. New hooks are created by playfully pitched and stretched vocals.

Between the urban creative hub of Berlin and a small cabin located deep in the woodlands of the Swedish border to Norway the team has since been crafting layers of hip hop inspired beats, tribal drums, waves of synths and aching ethereal vocals. Themes such as isolation, intimacy, fate, deception and obsession surface and re-occur. The result is a lush and mysterious soundscape of brooding, beat driven pop music with moments of darkness and light, beauty and tension.


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