“Junkie Logic” Spike Fuck

Melbourne, Australia’s Spike Fuck, inspiration comes from from a difficult period of heroin addiction, Spike creates edgy rock and roll songs which describe, peaks and valleys of that lifestyle, recalling at times the febrile music scene of 80’s New York, and cult heroes like Jim Carroll and Johnny Thunders.

Spike acknowledges that history and incorporates it with elements of the sharply contemporary, colliding the elegance of meta-modernism with the unvarnished grit of the past. Over 4 tracks on her (soon to be rereleased) via Partisan Records “Smackwave” EP, Spike knits together sense memory, historical and cultural artefact, and autobiographical documentation in an attempt to record a challenging – and thankfully now closed – chapter of her life.

Spike Fcuk on “Junkie Logic”

I wanted to pair the embarrassingly honest and admittedly (at times) depressingly ordinary lyrical content with this over-the-top and self-obsessed clip. It shows the ugliness of self-centeredness – the absurdity of believing that we and we alone are playing the starring role in this reality, and that the world is simply there to help build our story arc.

Junkie Logic

Starring: Jessie Balletta
Directed by: Peter Camilleri
Filmed by: Paris Lensky, Charlie Freedman
Executive Producer/Initial Edit: Charlie Freedman
Editor: Oliver Knocker
Stylist: Grace Louey
Art Director/Set Design for “Interview Scenes”: Micha Couell
Extra/candid footage shot at various times by me and others over the course of the last well… 3 years or so.