Julien Chang Debuts “Snakebit”

Julien Changs debuts new video for single "Snakebit." The track is off the Baltimore artist's forthcoming release The Sale, out November 4th
Julien Changs debuts new video for single "Snakebit." The track is off the Baltimore artist's forthcoming release The Sale

After announcing his new album The Sale, due out on November 14, 2022 via Transgressive records and previous singles “Marmalade” and “Time & Place”, today Julien Chang has shared a third taste of his forthcoming record, with new single “Snakebit”.

Speaking on the track, Julien comments: “Snakebit emerged during a period of transformation. This was around the time I left Baltimore for University in the middle of New Jersey. The awkwardness of the transition and the discomfort of “growing pains” provoked in me a kind of creative agitation which found its outlet most decisively in this song. But the song is not only about changing. It is also about encountering change: in a reflective turn, encountering myself who is changing and then interrogating him, testing the limits of the “new me” before finding that I am really not so different.”

“Snakebit” arrives alongside a mesmerizing animated video, created by multidisciplinary artist Vaughn Taormina and which draws inspiration from a myriad of influences; Jacques Tati’s Playtime, ’80s Japanese advertisements and the concept of doppelgangers. The video also includes cinematic opener “Snakebit Side”, a jazzy kissing cousin to his original single.

Speaking on the video, Julien comments, “The song takes the form of a self-interrogation. I have changed, but how? and when? Why? This video simulates the fragmented, unfocused, and self-contradictory search for clues that one falls into trying to answer. Taken as a whole, the animations all seem to go together on a single string, but examined individually, it is clear that what binds them is not any logical order. In this sense, the video has the structure of a dream. While dreaming, a rapid sequence of freely-associated images and events seems to make perfect sense. It is only upon sober reflection the following morning that these images and events become absurd, random, and nonsensical.”

The Sale was recorded partially in his hometown of Baltimore and partially in his dorm room at Princeton, his new album The Sale is a homegrown effort with Chang playing all instruments, bar the odd exception of a few notable cameos from Baltimore locals, classmates and old friends.

Julien Chang
The Sale
track listing

1. Heart Holiday
2. Marmalade
3. Sweet Obsolete
4. Snakebit Side
5. Snakebit
6. Time & Place
7. Bellarose
8. Ethical Exceptions
9. Crossed Paths
10. Queen Of Sheba
11. Competition’s Friend

Julien Chang 2022 Tour Dates

11/1/2022 – Washington DC @ Union Stage*
11/2/2022- Philadelphia PA @ The Foundry*
11/4/2022 – New York NY @ Webster Hall*
11/5/2022 – Boston MA @ The Sinclair*
11/8/2022- Bristol @ Crofters Rights
11/10/2022 – Pitchfork London @ Oslo
11/12/2022 – Brighton @ Folklore
11/13/2022 – Manchester @ The Castle

*with Let’s Eat Grandma

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