Julia Gaeta Releases Blur Divine EP

Julia Gaeta Releases Blur Divine EP. The singer-songwriter's new Alex DeGroot produced album is now available via streaming services
Julia Gaeta Releases Blur Divine EP

Julia Gaeta says of her new EP “Blur Divine is one of the things I’m most proud of in my life so far. Any musician knows that when you create something authentic to yourself from the ground up, and you bring it into the world in the way you want to – well, there’s nothing quite like it. It changes your life, regardless of how others perceive it. I’ve dabbled in songwriting prior to this, but many projects always felt like stepping stones on the way to something else. For me, this EP is the “something else.” Gaeta worked with LA-based producer Alex DeGroot, best known for his work with Zola Jesus

Blur Divine explores the collective themes about freeing oneself from burdensome emotional shackles. It’s for anyone who has ever felt trapped, confused or entangled in love, to the point where you’re questioning everything. At some point, the less dystopian option is learning to unlove and breaking everything down, only to build it up stronger again within yourself. It’s a tale as old as time, but never becomes less poignant, and it keeps evolving as our society changes.

Gaeta was raised on metal, grunge, post-punk and goth music. The artist carries with her the influences of bands such as Alice in Chains, Depeche Mode and Killing Joke. But she also draws from her deep love of ‘90s and early ‘00s pop and hip-hop. After playing guitar in bands for nearly a decade, Gaeta dropped her first solo single, “Weight of You,” in early 2022 – which featured a rare production and mixing appearance from James “Perturbator” Kent.

Julia Gaeta
Blur Divine

1. Harper’s Song
2. Fragments of Pain
3. Blur Divine
4. Hangin’ on a Dream
5. Weight of You

Order Blur Divine on vinyl HERE


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