Jorja Smith Returns With “Little Things”

Jorja Smith has returned with new single and video “Little Things,” the track is available today via her independent label, FAMM
Jorja Smith Photo Credit: Romany Francesca

Jorja Smith has returned with new single/video “Little Things,” the track is available today via her independent label, FAMM. In addition to the audio release, the single also arrives alongside a 7-inch, limited edition vinyl, available to purchase exclusively via Jorja’s online store. “Little Things,” follows Smith’s previous single “Try Me.”

Produced by British producers P2J and New Machine, “Little Things” is as flirty as it is energetic, and with a video to match, it’s all about the spontaneity of being out, spotting someone you like, and seeing what happens. “The song is pretty self explanatory, I had a lil concoction – rum, ting and a magnum. When we started creating this song I was just imagining hearing this walking into a party and seeing someone I’d had my eye on. It’s fun!” – Jorja says of the single.

Speaking on the inspiration behind the video, British Director Bolade Banjo states that it’s all to do with “A snog with someone you’re crushing on… The lyrics and instrumental were very much dedicated to the direction of the video, it was about finding the stylistic language that made sense. Speaking with Jorja about how she wanted to approach this it became apparent; ‘Little Things’ was within itself…”

Shot in Peckham, London – the accompanying video also features a cameo from British rapper Headie One – and follows the story of a young couple in lust, interjected with live interviews from party goers enjoying their night; leaning into rave culture from the 80s till present day.

While Jorja recognises that the global pandemic has been completely devastating, she acknowledges that it allowed her to stay still, to come more into herself, and to be more in control of the person she is, and of her musical output. Like some of the legendary musicians that came before her, Jorja is looking at the chaos and disorder in the world right now with resourceful, refined eyes, and she sees the glorious opportunity and enormous responsibility that affords.


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