Jorge Elbrose Releases Official Video

Jorge Elbrose (Ariel Pink & Jorge Elbrecht) Release Official Video from 'Mexican Summer's Five Years' the Book is available through Mexican Summer.

Jorge Elbrose have released an official video for their track, “Called To Ring” the first official video off the Mexican Summer: Five Years commemorative book that’s out now. A collaboration between Ariel Pink and Jorge Elbrecht, the track is exclusively available on the book’s 10″, which feature other collaborations between Autre Ne Veut & Fennesz, Bay Of Pigs (Spiritualized, Soldiers of Fortune, and Neil Hagerty,) Quilt and Bobb Trimble, and The Lonely Sailor and Renée Mendoza Haran (members of Total Control, Lace Curtain & Ashrae Fax.) The video for “Called To Ring” was directed by Jorge Elbrecht himself and is a hazy, smoke-machined, slowed down visual concept with hints of the supernatural in its psychedelic tone.

Elbrecht elaborates on the concept: “For this video we tried to imagine a perfect band to play ‘Called to Ring,’ and I think we succeeded. The idea was to have a wash of hair, camo and white guitars all happening in slow motion, with Ariel and I popping in and out as these cold, eyeless theater masks. As we sing in unison on the recording, we thought we should spend the bulk of the video conjoined. Such a pleasure to work on this with everyone, I’m really proud of how it turned out.”

The track itself was recorded over the same weekend as Elbrose’s 2013 summer single “Hang On to Life” with drummer Will Berman. What started as a few chord progressions and vocal sketches of Elbrecht’s was fortified and made complete by Pink’s vocals, added guitar parts and hand in the production. The resulting track is a gorgeous slice of melancholic guitar pop with lyrics barely discernible amongst the faded guitar wash.

Designed by longtime collaborator Dan Schechter, Mexican Summer: Five Years features an embossed cloth cover, craft paper wrap, three interior paper stocks and an integrated 10” sleeve. The 11”x11” hardcover book, coming in at 256 pages, is limited to a one-time edition of 1,000 copies and includes unique and unseen art and ephemera, photos and written contributions from a host of Mexican Summer artists.

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