John Maus announces ‘Screen Memories’ LP

John Maus announces new full-length 'Screen Memories'
Photo by Shaun Brackbill

John Maus has announced his fourth full-length album, Screen Memories. The full-length, comes out on October 27th via Ribbon Music. Today also marks the announcement of a six LP box set compiling all of John’s work, most of which is out of print, plus an additional brand new studio album entitled Addendum, the vinyl version of which is exclusive to the limited box set.

Screen Memories opening track “The Combine” is released today, in which Maus intones with an apocalyptic stateliness, “It’s going to dust us all to nothing, man. I see the combine coming.” “The Combine” sweeps through with a bracing baroque charm, all towering spires of glistening augmentation, swirling counterpoint and sonorous vocals.

John Maus’ music is described as retro-futurist on behalf of the 80’s drum machines and synth sounds employed, John’s music is more personal than the nostalgic re-tread implied. He’s more interested in seeking cadence, through his love of Renaissance polyphony and the experimentation behind post punk. It’s an amalgamation of musical ideas as radical as its intent.

Screen Memories was written, recorded, and engineered by Maus over the last few years in his home in Minnesota, known genially as the Funny Farm. It’s a solitary place situated in the corn plains of the rural American Midwest. The landscape is as majestic as it is austere and inevitably some of the sub-zero winter temperatures creep into the songs, as do the buzzing wasps of summer.

John Maus
Tour Dates

Aug 31 || Tucson, AZ || HOCO Fest 2017
Sept 1 || Los Angeles, CA || Zebulon [SOLD OUT]
Sept 14 || Boston, MA || Middle East Downstairs * [SOLD OUT]
Sept 15 || Montreal, QC || Rialto Theatre (Pop Montreal)
Sept 16 || Hudson, NY || Basilica Soundscape
Sept 17 || Cleveland, OH || Mahalls *
Oct 12 || San Diego, CA || Soda Bar [SOLD OUT]
Oct 13-15 || Joshua Tree, CA || Desert Daze
Oct 14 || San Francisco, CA || The Chapel # [SOLD OUT]
Oct 15 || San Francisco, CA || The Chapel #
Oct 16 || San Francisco, CA || The Chapel #
Oct 21 || Bristol, UK || Simple Things Festival
Oct 23 || Tbilisi, Georgia || Spacehall (Lecture)
Oct 24 || Tbilisi, Georgia || Spacehall (Live)
Oct 25 || Istanbul, Turkey || Zorlu Performing Arts Center
Oct 27 || London, UK || The Dome
Oct 28 || Nantes, France || Soy Festival
Oct 31 || Porto, Portugal || Maus Habitos
Nov 1 || Lisbon, Portugal || ZDB
Nov 3 || Madrid, Spain || Café La Palma
Nov 4 || Barcelona, Spain || Festival Conjunta Vacio #5
Nov 6 || Paris, France || La Maroquinerie
Nov 7 || Strasbourg, France || La Laiterie
Nov 9 || Gent, Belgium || NEST
Nov 10 || Brussels, Belgium || Les Ateliers Claus
Nov 11 || Utrecht, Netherlands || Le Guess Who Festival
Nov 13 || Aarhus, Denmark || Tape
Nov 14 || Copenhagen, Denmark || Jazzhouse
Nov 15 || Berlin, Germany || Festsaal Kreuzberg
Nov 16 || Prague, Czech Republic || Meet Factory
Nov 18 || Leipzig, Germany || Transcentury Festival
Nov 20 || Düdingen, Switzerland || Bad Bonn
Nov 23 || Manchester, UK || The White Hotel
Nov 24 || Dublin, Ireland || The Grand Social
Nov 25 || Glasgow, UK || CCA (Centre for Contemporary Arts)
* w/ Protomartyr
# w/ Ariel Pink

John Maus
Screen Memories

The Combine
Teenage Witch
Walls of Silence
Find Out
Decide Decide
Edge Of Forever
The People Are Missing
Sensitive Recollections
Over Phantom
Bombs Away

John Maus Box Set includes albums:

Songs (2006)
Love Is Real (2007)
We Must Become The Pitiless Censors Of Ourselves (2011)
A Collection Of Rarities And Previously Unreleased Material (2012)
Screen Memories (2017)
Addendum (2018)