Jiants share new video for “Plan”

Jiants release new video for 'Odd Trouble' single, "Plan"
Jiants "Plan"

Jiants have released a new video for “Plan.” the track is off their forthcoming release Odd Trouble, which was produced by (and features) musician Taylor Knox, who has previously worked with Alvvays, Sloan, and Owen Pallett. He plays drums on the record and helped Jiants shape their sunny yet melancholy sound inspired by classic ’90s skate video bands like Nada Surf, Built To Spill, Archers of Loaf, and Dinosaur Jr. Jiants play a release party for Odd Trouble, July 5th at The Baby G in Toronto.

Jiants’ Jesse Landen on “Plan”

“It almost felt like a Navy Seals mission because we got up at 6 in the morning in March and caught the ferry across. We did the whole video shoot via bicycle with a trailer to tow the camera while carrying a backpack full of batteries that must have weighed 80 pounds. We wanted to be out on the beach with no one else there, except for the scene where the Toronto Island residents burn the Christmas trees.”

Jiants release new video for 'Odd Trouble' single, "Plan"

Jiants ‘Odd Trouble’

Odd Trouble

1. Odd Trouble
2. Realign
3. Plan
4. In the Shade
5. Questions Answered
6. Limits
7. 1000 Years
8. View

In his previous life as a pro skateboarder, Landen toured the world while earning sponsorships from Vans, Billabong, and ATM. After traveling from his home in small town Ontario to the skateboarding meccas of California and Barcelona, an ankle injury requiring surgery forced him back to Canada to utilize free healthcare. During the downtime of his recovery, Landen began writing the songs that would become his first project Born To Busk, releasing two albums in 2004 and 2007, later followed by the band Stanford.

Jiants began with the release of their self-titled debut in 2016. The album was accompanied by a video for lead single “Paralyze” produced by Landen’s film production company The Filmboard, whose short film Grinders previously won first place in Converse and Kingshit Magazine’s 2014 Connect the Dots contest. In 2018, The Filmboard would go on to produce the video for Arts & Crafts signee and fellow skater-led band Reuben and the Dark’s song “Dreaming.”