Jessica Moss releases two new pieces of music

Jessica Moss releases two new pieces of music
Photo by Joseph Yarmush

Jessica Moss has announced a return to Europe, this April and May. Along with the news, Jessica is also sharing two pieces of music – an excerpt of a work in progress, recently recorded live in her rehearsal space – that offers a lovely preview of new material to which concertgoers may find themselves treated this spring, alongside her debut album Pools Of Light.

The violinist/composer – known to many from her long tenure in Thee Silver Mt. Zion, and for her contributions to albums by Vic Chesnutt, Carla Bozulich/Evangelista and many others – has spent the past year mesmerizing audiences across North America and Europe with her new solo work.

As a regular participant at the 12- and 24-hour drone concerts put on by Basilica Hudson & Le Guess Who? Festival in recent years, Moss has also been invited back to Big Ears Festival in Knoxville this year to help oversee their inaugural hosting of this itinerant drone event in late March 2018.

“Untitled #3” displays various techniques and influences that lie at the heart Moss’s solo music: building stacked slow-burn string themes through live looping, sampling and pitch-shifting that beautifully balance drone and melody, gradually introduce further electronic, oscillation and synthesis textures, and channel folkways tropes from Eastern Europe and the Middle East – in this case, gesturing towards the Klezmer tradition perhaps most explicitly since her work in the mid-2000s with Black Ox Orkestar.

In addition to this gorgeous excerpt, Jessica is also sharing a remix of her track “Entire Populations Pt. II” by Constellation labelmate Joni Void, whose plunderphonic-meets-techno sensibility offers up an inspired re-interpretation that gradually unfurls towards ricocheting cacophony and translates the stark intensity of the original in suitably maximalist fashion.


29 APR L.E.V. Festival Gijón ES
2 MAY Le Bourg Lausanne CH
3 MAY Dokzaal Amsterdam NL
4 MAY ZUT Foligno IT
5 MAY Teatro Comunale di Montecarotto Ancona IT
7 MAY TBA Firenze IT
9 MAY Weltecho Cheminitz DE
10 MAY Arkaoda Berlin DE
11 MAY Pizzinni Bamberg DE
12 MAY GoMokry Hamburg DE