Jeen releases non-album tune

Jeen releases non-album tune "Remedy." Jeen's most recent album 'Tourist; (deluxe Version) is now out

Jeen (real name Jeen O’Brien) has been on a musical journey that informed Tourist (Deluxe Edition) her new album out now. Outside of also being the vocalist for Brendan Canning’s (Broken Social Scene) other band Cookie Duster, she has developed a style for her solo material that calls to mind the golden age of indie rock and MTV’s 120 Minutes, where both fans of 4AD and Veruca Salt could come together to find some common ground. These qualities are woven in throughout “Remedy,” Jeen’s new single that premiered today.

Jeen ended up going DIY with her own lo fi home set up on the recording process for Tourist (Deluxe Edition) when the attempts in finding a right match on the producer front grew tiresome. Friend Jared Kuemper assisted on the mix of the initial bunch of tracks, while Jeen’s own lo-fi leaning aesthetic creeps into the tracks she had a hand in mixing herself. Between the airy stomp of “NY Island,” the gritty pieces of “Buena Vista,” and the epic choruses of “Higher and Higher,” the scope of Tourist (Deluxe Edition) is far and wide. Jeen’s husband Stephan Szczesniak plays all the drums on the album, while friends of hers Brendan Canning, Griffin, immediate family members (brother Ben O’Brien and father in law Tom Szczesniak) helped bridge the gap on some of the tracks.

Tourist (Deluxe Edition)
Out Now on Physical & Digital formats

Buena Vista
No Fade
NY Island
Sad Boy
Everywhere I Go
Hole In My Heart
Way Up
Higher and Higher
Be (One In A Million)
All My Life

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