Jeen debuts “Modern Life (Electrified)”

Jeen debuts new single “Modern Life (Electrified)”

Jeen (real name Jeen O’Brien), has shared the lead-single “Modern Life (electrified)” off her forthcoming release Modern Life. The album is set for a December 9th release date. While it’s true that she is a collaborator with Broken Social Scene’s Brendan Canning in the band Cookie Duster, where she provides her distinct vocals, Jeen has developed a style uniquely her own. Under the new umbrella of a a new publishing deal with Red Brick Songs/Paper Bag Records, she’s completed a 10 song album written, recorded and self-produced in her attic. Packed with melodies and vivid lyrics, Jeen calls to mind the golden age of indie rock and MTV’s 120 Minutes, where both fans of 4AD and Veruca Salt could come together to find some common ground.

In many ways, Modern Life is the continues Jeen’s story following the open-eyed travels of the last album. “Instead of focusing on the parts of my career I couldn’t execute the way I’d like,” she describes, “I decided to focus on what I could control and just make another album, I’m already looking ahead to the next one.”

Recorded just outside of Toronto, she went with a lo fi home set up on the recording process when the attempts in finding a right match on the producer front grew tiresome. Friend Jared Kuemper assisted on the mix of the initial bunch of tracks, while Jeen’s own lo-fi leaning aesthetic creeps into the tracks she had a hand in mixing herself. Jeen’s husband Stephan Szczesniak plays all the drums on the album, while other helped bridge the gap on some of the tracks as well.

Track List:

1. Modern life (electrified)
2. All night all day
3. On fire
4. Sirens
5. New minority
6. Don’t look down
7. The problem
8. 100 miles high
9. I need a remedy
10. Run away