Jean Jacket Debuts “Super Party Cups” Video

Jean Jacket Debuts "Super Party Cups" Video, Self-Titled Debut LP Out March 25th On Decades Records, Jean Jacket play South By Southwest Festival 2014.

Initially a solo project, Jean Jacket features a changing lineup of performers alongside electronic composer Harlowe G., including the State Of’s Stephanie Taylor, Lauren Suarez, and fellow Miami act Million Young. Harlowe wrote, composed, and produced the first album over the course of one year in 2012. Harlowe worked on the album at Paramount Studios in Los Angeles, alongside producer Josh Berg (Earl Sweatshirt/Mac Miller/Tyga), before returning to the sunshine state to debut the self-titled work.

‘Jean Jacket’ LP Tracklisting

01. Super Party Cups
02. Next to a Rosary Pt 2
03. Next to a Rosary
04. She Wants the Sea
05. Don’t Love You
06. Ladyy
07. Please
08. Say Something Else
09. Sea Foam

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