Jape and Villagers Conor O’Brien Collaborate

Jape and Villagers Conor O'Brien Collaborate on the single "Ribbon Ribbon Ribbon"

“Ribbon Ribbon Ribbon” is the second track taken from his new album This Chemical Sea, which will be released on January 2015 and followups his 2012 relese ‘Ocean of Frequency’.

Mixed by David Wrench, which mixing credits include three of the best records of the year so far: Caribou, FKA Twigs and Jungle.

Jape and Conor share their thoughts on the collboration in their own words below.

“Conor and I had been threatening to make a track together for ages but we were always too busy or something, eventually he came over to my house and brought his 808 and we had an amazing night of making this track together. The lyrics in this one are very special to me. It was exciting to have David Wrench mixing it and hearing where he could take it.” – Jape

“It was a magic night recording Ribbon. We laid down a beat and just took it from there- adding layers of synth as it felt fit. I can’t really remember anything specific about the recording except for a prolonged feeling of giddiness and excitement. And beer and salmon.” – Conor O’Brien

Richie Egan returns with Jape’s fifth studio album ‘This Chemical Sea’, available from January 26th on Faction Records.On this LP, Jape have tangibly honed their sound, and written what the band calls ‘the first album which has a uniquely ‘Jape’ sound from start to finish, a type of gothic pop with lyrics of unusual depth.’ The record combines the mindset of genre-bending music that the band have always been admired for with a strict adherence to a pop format. It incorporates a nod to some of Egan’s biggest experimental influences (Voices from the Lake, Raymond Scott, The Microphones), but never veers away from placing the songs firmly within the frame of the pop genre.

Following an extensive tour of Australia and Europe, Egan relocated to Malmo, Sweden in 2012, where he found a studio to write and record the majority of the new record. Egan explained his intention was to ‘make a coherent album that was a pure expression of my inner thoughts.’ Far from an insular process however, this was the first time somebody else was let in on the creative process. The tracks would be shared with fellow band member Glenn Keating for feedback, something Egan feels ‘was inspiring and helped me to push myself so much harder.’

EU – UK Tour Dates

Jan 28 – Stockholm, Sweden @ Lilla Hotellbaren
Feb 13 – Norrköping, Sweden @ Where´s The Music
Feb 14 – Berlin, Germany @ Karrera Club
Feb 15 – Paris, France @ Festival a Nous Paris Fireworks
Feb 16 – Amsterdam, Netherlands @ Paradiso
Feb 19 – Dublin, Ireland @ Academy Dublin
Feb 20 – Galway, Ireland @ Roisin Dubh
Feb 21 – Limerick, Ireland @ The Kasbah
Feb 22 – Cork, Ireland @ Cyprus Avenue
Feb 23 – Manchester, UK @ Soup Kitchen
Feb 25 – London, UK @ Electrowerkz
Feb 26 – Bristol, UK @ The Louisiana
Mar 6 – Barcelona, Spain @ Razzmatazz

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