Japanese Breakfast stream single “Heaven”

Japanese Breakfast share "Heaven,"

Japanese Breakfast have released “In Heaven,” the lead-track off their debut album, Psychopomp. Known til now for her work in the Philadelphia indie band Little Big League, Japanese Breakfast showcases Michelle Zauner’s knack for pop melody. Psychopomp comes out on April 1st via Yellow K Records.

A side project from her work as front woman of Philadelphia indie punk band Little Big League, Michelle Zauner released a tape in June 2013 under the solo moniker Japanese Breakfast. The tape was titled June and boasted thirty tracks written and recorded every day of the month. A stark deviation from Little Big League’s guitar-based indie rock, it showcased Zauner’s dark lyrics, unique vocals and inherent knack for pop melody.

Fast forward, Japanese Breakfast returns with its debut LP and vinyl release, Psychopomp. The record explores Zauner’s experimental interests and hosts a wide range of sound: jarring anime samples, minimalist ballads, rhythms and synths reminiscent of Tango in the Night-era Fleetwood Mac paired with the moody intimacy of Mount Eerie. Psychopomp revisits and revamps lo-fi tracks and adds chilling new songs.

APRIL 1, 2016

1. In Heaven
2. Woman That Loves You
3. Rugged Country
4. Everybody Wants To Love You
5. Psychopomp
6. Jane Cum
7. Heft
8. Moon On The Bath
9. Triple 7