“Jagwa” by Plaitum

Plaitum today announce their new Jagwa EP and debut its title track with a new video. “When we conceived Jagwa we imagined it having a very intense, neon-y late night feel to it which the directors captured really well.” “Both the song and the video are about an explosive relationship and they explore different areas of that – the video the more carnal side and the song more emotional.”

Plaitum combine the glacial cries and whispers of Abi Dersiley with the dark and brooding atmospherica of producer Matt Canham to create a world of obsession and death, sex and psychosis, and charged, dark electronic pop. Now 20, the multi-instrumentalist pair have been friends since childhood, having met aged 11, at school in Colchester, and bonded over their shared love of Massive Attack, Talking Heads and old horror films. Last year they signed to Wolf Tone, the record label founded by Paul Epworth, and began work on their forthcoming debut album, with Canham at the controls at the famous Church studios in North London’s Crouch End, overseen by Epworth. They released their debut self-titled EP last winter.

“Most of the Jagwa EP was written in my bedroom over a weekend,” says Canham. “We took loads of Pro Plus and stayed up for three days writing. The songs got weirder the longer we were awake – at one point Abi just played a really loud droney noise for about half an hour on my microKORG and we both thought it was amazing. I listened back the next day and it was just white noise.”

“The EP gets progressively darker and sludgier,” adds Dersiley. “Unlike our debut EP, which was more or less psycho happy mayhem, we definitely wanted this one to more deliberate, less a frenzied crime of passion and more like a carefully formulated assassination.”

Plaitum – Jagwa EP
May 20, 2016 – Harvest Records

1. Jagwa
2. Slave Red Stag
3. Contort
4. Que Sera


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