Jade Hairpins Debut “Dolly Dream” Video

Jade Hairpins have released a new video for their latest single “Dolly Dream”
Jade Hairpins "Dolly Dream"

Jade Hairpins have released a new video for their latest single “Dolly Dream.” The track is off the trans Atlantic band’s debut full-length Harmony Avenue on May 29, via Merge Records/Arts & Crafts. As a bonus, you can now listen to Jade Hairpins’ mixtape “How I Learned Not To Break My Devotion” on Spotify.

The video, featuring nostalgic footage of Jade Hairpins across three continents, was co-directed by the Jade Hairpins Mike Haliechuk and Jonah Falco (both founding members of Fucked Up). As Falco explains, “‘Dolly Dream’ is a song about searching—not necessarily something you lack and have to ‘find,’ but grabbing hold of that ‘something’ you’ve always had. This search finds a connection within solitude, and within the crowd.”

Each Jade Hairpins song was conceived in studio, then edited and crafted by Haliechuk and Falco to become Harmony Avenue. Each approach was different—first focusing on creating stories for character-based writing, and then on less absurd emotional/thoughtful/personal reflection.

Jade Hairpins
Harmony Avenue
Arts & Crafts/Merge Records

01 J Terrapin
02 (Don’t Break My) Devotion
03 Father Coin
04 Yesterdang
05 Post No Bill
06 Broadstairs Beach
07 Dolly Dream
08 Mary Magazine
09 Truth Like A Mirage
10 Motherman