Jackson and His Computerband Announce Album

Jackson And His Computerband to release "Glow" this September on Warp Records

When Jackson emerged from the lingering disco after-smoke of the ‘French Touch’ scene that nurtured Daft Punk and Phoenix amongst others, Paris and the rest of the world were changing. Slowly and methodically, strands of music were moving from warehouse raves into the global mainstream and at the time of his debut Smash, in 2005, he and his Computerband embodied the bleeding edge of this transition.

Shredding the filtered funk of his Parisian forebears and soldering the remains to an insane carriage of orchestral bombast, red-lined techno and gothic hip-hop, Jackson and His Computerband had brought a sense of the post-millennial baroque to the rave.

And then all was (mostly) quiet.

Soon, the jacking, distorted party jams of the Ed Banger crew echoed through Paris’ boulevards, Phoenix grew into a massive pop band and dubstep’s steroidal cousin laid siege to America as Daft Punk’s robotic silhouettes emerged once again. The heady, symphonic futurism of Jackson’s music whispered around the edges of it all, but Jackson had gone deep into the bowels of Paris to sculpt a new master work and remained out of the limelight…until now.

Jackson returns, and with him comes a seething romantic electro orgy the likes of which have never been seen, Glow. From an adolescence spent in thrall to hardcore techno, and spanning a lifetime love of classic pop and the unclassifiable funk of Prince – this schizophrenic, sexual, psychotropic saga could only have come from the mind of one person.

As Jackson himself explains “About the record I have no idea. I kept only the bits when I lost control of myself.  I feel fine about it’s emotional range. But I still wonder what made me do it.

I hope it’s fun and gives people some bravery and suspicious feelings about the state. I also hope it creates a great feeling of tenderness as well as the strength to carry a monster truck just with one hand.”

The album will be accompanied by a brand new live entity “The live show is the birth of the computerband aka the mechanical beat engine… Hand made and manually played…sweat and steel for flashing beauty. It’s also the opportunity for me to make my music with the audience and no longer need to watch a screen.”

Jackson and His Computerband

01. Blow
02. Seal
03. Dead Living Things
04. G.I. Jane (Fill Me Up)
05. Orgysteria
06. Blood Bust
07. Memory
08. Pump
09. Arp #1
10. More
11. Vista
12. Billy


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