Jaala releases video for her single “Ticket”

Jaala Shares Video For "Ticket" off Debut Album, Hard Hold

Australiain singer/songwriter Jaala, has shared her new video for the song “Ticket.” The track comes off her debut album Hard Hold, available via Wondercore Island.

Cosima Jaala had this to say of the song, video, and experience:

“‘Ticket’ is a conversation with myself about interpersonal dysfunction that occurs in a place called ‘after love happens.’ We shot the video in my half abandoned share house on the brink of demolition; so it felt right to shoot a clip for Ticket then, because there was stuff to break. Its also a well known fact if you have seen any grunge video clips from the 90’s that the set has to look super dingy. Thomas Henning directed the video, so naturally he got me all broody and demented in half light for most of the shoot. The scenes with the band were fun because we got to pretend we were real rock and roll stars, smashing shit and looking really cool. The big cherry on top was ripping apart a pink monkey and accidentally inhaling lots of little styrofoam balls, may they rest in my sooty lungs till the day I die.”


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