Introverted Dancefloor “Take It High” video

Introverted Dancefloor release the video for their single "Take It High"

Introverted Dancefloor is Bevan Smith, a New Zealander who has released music under names like Signer and Aspen, and who has played in the Ruby Suns and Skallander throughout the last decade. His prior output has been spread over many international labels and has touched on sundry genres (like techno, IDM, folk, ambient) while featuring restraint and sophistication as compositional hallmarks. As Introverted Dancefloor, Smith has kept those features as guiding principles while allowing a more propulsive low end to dominate the construction of this music, winding up with understated but energetic dance tracks. Gestation, too, is a prominent attribute of this music, though not necessarily an obvious one. Smith started these songs with hundreds of layers, which he then pared down to a few core elements before rebuilding again.

For his debut as Introverted Dancefloor, out 9/25/2015 via Carpark Records, Smith limited himself to the use of two synthesizers, one mic, one filter, and one effects processer. This constraint is not obvious upon listening as the album works across the idioms of electro, Detroit techno, pop house, and leftfield disco, playing with the line between fluid melody and drum machine programming. One of the record’s features is Smith’s inclusion of certain elements of a song in a neighboring one (vocals from “Pipedream” in “Happiness is such a mess,” a synth line from “Even if you try” in “Always turn your head”) to lend a unique effect to the procession, blurring the distinction between a track and its reprise.

Introverted Dancefloor
Introverted Dancefloor
Out 9/25/2015 via Carpark Records

1. Happiness is such a mess
2. Pipedream
3. Take it high
4. Dark cloud scene
5. Even if you try
6. Always turn your head*
7. Love,
8. Here, my story
9. Giving up on summer
10. Staking the ground
11. Feeling unsound
12. A golden light
13. Tiger bones
14. Shy away