Joseph Arhtur interview with Northern Transmissions

Our Interview With Joseph Arthur

Well, in the case of the songs on Boogie Christ, almost all came out of poems so they are quite wordy, because the words drove the music. Usually I would write the other way around and find words to fit into music. It’s easier this way

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Northern Transmissions interviews MSMR

Northern Transmissions Interviews MSMR

We love hearing remixes – we’re very proud of what we’ve created, but we’re not precious about it and are always curious to hear other people’s interpretations of our music. We’re big fans of Chvrches and knew they would crush it, but we were blown away by the result

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Lady Lamb The Beekeeper Interview with Northern Transmissions

Our Interview With Lady Lamb The Beekeeper

The majority of the album was really inspired by daily life. At the time, writing was a real outlet for me to express myself. The surroundings in parts of Maine are quite inspiring also. When writing Ripley Pine, I was working in a video store

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Our interview with Reed Juenger, Tom Eddy, and Jared Katz from Beat connection at SXSW 2015

Interview with Reed From Beat Connection

We’ve had a few comparisons to Sting, and I’ve got to say it must be somewhat subconscious. I think my parents played quite a few of his albums and Police albums way back, and I enjoy his music, but I can’t say I’m super familiar with his catalog or really try and like pay homage or anything like that

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Northern Transmissions interviews Greg Hughes from Still Corners

Interview With Greg From Still Corners

No it was more like I was just writing and recording everyday and Tessa would come over and sing and we just followed our instincts. We didn’t really talk about it, it was more like, “this sounds cool, let’s work on that today”

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Charles Brownstein from Northern transmissions interviews Junip's Jose Gonzalez

Our Interview With Jose Gonzalez From Junip

we noticed that it’s easier when we start together from scratch – by jamming and recording parts of those sessions. Then we choose the parts we like best and continue jamming around them until we have a beat, basic chord structure and maybe some melodic lines. For me it’s a bit different from time to time. There’s been moments when Stampen (the name of the studio) has felt amazing but also many times when it’s been super messy.

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Northern Transmissions interviews Lenka

Northern Transmissions Interviews Lenka

It was kind of a funny time. I really was unsure, but in the back of mind I really knew it was the right thing to do. I had to leave my comfort zone, and I did it. Part of the reason was geographical as well

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Northern Transmissions interviews Baptist Generals

Interview With Chris From Baptist Generals

Well it wasn’t so much that we shelved a 2005 attempt at an album, but more that life got in the way for a while after 2005. In Denton I got involved in a dispute with an out-of-town developer that was going to tear down some old buildings in town. Several of us organized against the project and by the time that got resolved — poof! — 2 and a half years had passed

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Brian from Ex Cops chats with Northern Transmissions

Interview with Brian from Ex Cops

I think Emily and I always had plans to turn Ex Cops into a five piece. The guys that we brought in are all friends of ours, so we get on pretty well. We’re totally happy with the way things have gone

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Northern Transmissi

Interview With Ryan From Jamaican Queens

I usually just call it “experimental pop”, but I’ve called it other things as well. It depends on what kind of mood i’m in. I called us “glam rap” the other day. I like that a lot. Made me LOL. Trap Pop. Odd Pop. Queer Grunge. indie jock jams

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Northern Transmissions interviews Bill Ryder - Jones

Interview With Bill Ryder-Jones

It was pretty amazing. Very daunting, those people play the greats every day and having them look atyour scores can be overwhelming. I spent most of the recording day smoking outside and hiding

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