MINKS frontman Sonny Kilfoyle does an interview with Northern Transmissions. "Tides End" is now out on Captured Tracks

Minks Interview With Northern Transmissions

For the past 6 months leading up to the album, I was on a jazz binge and, with the exception of one Arthur Brown album, I didn’t listen to any music with vocals. Mark is really obsessed with songs and production rather than bands,

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Soft Metals interview with Northern Transmissions. Ian and Patricia catch up with Northern Transmissions for an interview. Their latest album "Lenses" is now out on Captured Tracks.

Soft Metals Talk To Northern Transmissions

There wasn’t too much difference in the initial inspiration stage in the writing for this album from the first. During the editing and particularly the mixing stage though we had gained a lot more experience and went in with a better idea of how we wanted the end product to sound.

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Weekend guitarist Kevin Johnson has a candid discussion with Northern Transmissions. "Jinx" the new LP from Weekend is out today on Slumberland Records

Weekend Interview With Northern Transmissions

Many of the same bands are still influencing us conceptually and musically. We really drew on most of the sounds that we grew up with, everything from Hardcore Emo, Post-Punk, and Shoegaze. We all have different influences.

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Ghost Wave catches up for an interview with Northern Transmissions. Their new album "Ages" will be out Via Flying Nun and Captured Tracks

Ghost Wave Chats With Northern Transmissions

Yeah the first couple of sessions were done really fast, the main tracking sessions. We did them in like two days, then we did a few short but pretty focussed bursts of recording to finish up the record (like vocals, organ and guitar overdubs). We sort of knew what we were going to do

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Alpine band member Lou james catches up with Northern Transmissions for an interview. The Band's album "A Is For Alpine" is now out on Ivy League Records. You can also catch Alpine on tour this summer.

Alpine interview with Northern Transmissions

It’s the sense of freedom, the freshness and feeling awakened. We deal with a a lot of personal emotions in our songs and we try to analyze those feelings whilst being in the present. Most are both confronting and uplifting.

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Maps' James Chapman talks with Northern Transmissions about his upcoming album “Vicissitude”, which comes out July 8 on Mute Records

Maps Interview With Northern Transmissions

Definitely. The whole concept about making music, is an escape for me. That’s why I really started making music. It is such a passion as well. The best time for me is being at home in my studio in the evening. It is a creative time for me.

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Bear Mountain members Ian and Greg Bevis interview with Northern Transmissions in Calgary

Interview With Bear Mountain

Yes, It’s kind of hard to believe. After we released the EP, we started to get some good shows. We played Sasquatch and Randall’s Island. The crowds were really big, the shows went pretty well. I really had to take a step back after and kind of let it all sink in

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Martin Crane from Brazos chats with Northern Transmissiosns

Brazos interview with Northern Transmissions

Northern Transmissions chats with Martin Crane from Brazos. The band was playing a couple of shows at NXNE 2013 when we had the chance to catch up. Saltwater from Brazos is now available on Dead Oceans Records

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Northern Transmissions interviews Dom from Mount Kimbie

Interview With Dom From Mount Kimbie

I think from early on, what excited us was making something different, understanding music a bit more. We are really interested in the technical side of music and loads of different genres.

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