Au Revoir Simone interview with Northern Transmissions. 'Move In Spectrums" is now out on Moshi Moshi.

‘Au Revoir Simone’ Chat With Julie Colero

Our collaboration with AIR made me appreciate the impact that live drums and bass imparts to our sound, and so I knew that I wanted to incorporate more of that into this album. I’m not sure that “Move in Spectrums” could have been made 4 years ago because back then we weren’t interested in making an album that sounds the way it does.

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Northern Transmissions interviews Jonathan from "His Clancyness". Vicious is now out on FatCat Records.

Interview With Jonathan From ‘His Clancyness’

I like the idea of the band because of this reason. That’s probably why I didn’t call it Jonathan Clancy but called it His Clancyness. I know it is similar, but at the same time it’s like having a shield to protect you.

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Widowspeak band member Molly Hamilton chats with Charles Brownstein from Northern Transmissions. "The Swamps" EP is now out on Captured Tracks

Interview With Molly From ‘Widowspeak’

I think it’s more on a personal level. I mean when we were writing The Swamps, we wrote about being where we were physically. It was a beautiful part of the South, where we were living. I think that it’s really important to appreciate your surroundings,

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Cecil Frena AKA 'Born Gold' does an interview with Northern Transmissions. 'Born Gold' is on tour through November.

Interview With Cecil Frena AKA ‘Born Gold’

I guess fundamentally it varies from song to song. I think that I would have to describe it as pop music. My real goal is to create pop music, to record it, and truly understand it. My background was always in punk and hardcore. I really have always loved pop,

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Northern Transmissions interviews frontman Andreas Lagerström from the Swedish band 'Holograms'. Their album "Forever" is now out on Captured Tracks.

Andreas From ‘Holograms’ Chats With Us

I don’t think it’s dangerous. I actually think the record is a bit on the romantic side. ‘Holograms’ music truly does have a romantic element to it. We don’t try to sound dangerous. I think we try to have a bit of intensity when we write.

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Northern Transmissions chats with 'Sisu' frontwoman Sandra Vu.

Interview With Sisu Frontwoman Sandra Vu

I grew up playing drums in bands since I was 13, so I always sat pretty comfortably as the backbone. I play many other instruments though, so I would overdub myself playing as a whole band very early on. Back then, I never occurred to me that it was something I could do,

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Islands' frontman Nick Thorburn chats with Julie Colero from Northern Trnsmissions. "Ski Mask" by Islands is now out.

Unmasking Islands Frontman Nick Thorburn

Islands frontman Nick Thorburn took a few patient moments to explain to Northern Transmission’s Julie Colero how a mellotron works and how its sound, combined with the cosmic delivery of the perfect cover art, came to shape the band’s latest album, Ski Mask.

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Mark Thresher from 'Forest Fire' does an interview with Northern Transmissions. "Screens" from 'Forest Fire' is now out on Fat cat Records.

Interview With Mark From ‘Forest Fire’

This is the first time I have ever had a solid band I can count on. As a four piece we are half classically trained musicians & half self taught amateurs. Having these players has changed the way I view the writing process.

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Blouse interview with Northern Transmissions. The bamd's upcoming album "Imperium" comes out September 17th on Captured Tracks.

Blouse Interview with Northern Transmissions

In the beginning, we sat down and really discussed what we wanted to do with the record. In the past, our plans didn’t really work out one hundred percent. We didn’t want to make the same album as Blouse. It was Jacob (band member/producer) who,

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Julia Holter Interview with Northern Transmissions. Loud City Slang from Julia holter is now out on Domino Records.

Northern Transmissions Interview Julia Holter

Julia Holter is one of the most interesting singer-writers out there today. Northern Transmissions caught up with her on the eve of her North American tour. Her album Loud City Song is now out on Domino Records.

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On An On interview with Northern Transmissionss

Northern Transmissions Interviews On An On

“When I’m writing a song, I try a million terrible ideas that are ridiculous and don’t work, until I stumble upon the thing that’s just perfect or is almost perfect and I work from there. So, I don’t have a pressure to do it right or do it well because I know it will come out in the wash eventually”.

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Speedy Ortiz Interview with Northern Transmisions. Their latest album "Major Arcana" is now out on Carpark Records.

Northern Transmissions Interview Speedy Ortiz

That was our first song. It’s mostly about Selena Gomez. Did you know she auditioned to be on Barney & Friends with Demi Lovato? We’ve been expecting more questions about the song “Cash Cab” by now, but we hardly get any.

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