Brian from Ex Cops chats with Northern Transmissions

Interview with Brian from Ex Cops

I think Emily and I always had plans to turn Ex Cops into a five piece. The guys that we brought in are all friends of ours, so we get on pretty well. We’re totally happy with the way things have gone

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Northern Transmissi

Interview With Ryan From Jamaican Queens

I usually just call it “experimental pop”, but I’ve called it other things as well. It depends on what kind of mood i’m in. I called us “glam rap” the other day. I like that a lot. Made me LOL. Trap Pop. Odd Pop. Queer Grunge. indie jock jams

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Northern Transmissions interviews Bill Ryder - Jones

Interview With Bill Ryder-Jones

It was pretty amazing. Very daunting, those people play the greats every day and having them look atyour scores can be overwhelming. I spent most of the recording day smoking outside and hiding

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Interview With Ayad From Team Spirit

Sure. I’ve always been a fan of Dexter (the TV show about a serial killer who serially kills serial killers) and I wanted to write a song about that. Not many musicians will write songs about such a grim subject

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Interview With Will Doyle From Palma Violets

We just played Coachella and it was really amazing. Really hot actually. We’re finally getting ourselves acclimatized to this California heat. I was lucky to see some great bands as well: Blur and Nick Cave were brilliant, and I really enjoyed Io Echo.

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moon king interview daniel northern transmissions

Moon King Interview

Charles Brownstein interviews Toronto duo Moon King’s Daniel Benjamin. He shares his thoughts on the booming Canadian music scene, producing his own music and claims to actually eat healthier on the road…

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Northern Transmissions interviews Jordi from San Cisco

Interview with Jordi From San Cisco

It’s really hard to describe the sound of our music, or our genre. We were talking with someone in New York City about that, it was kind of weird situation, I really couldn’t come up with a description. I think we just decided, let’s call it hairy and squelchy

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peace uk band interview

Peace (UK) Interview

Charles Brownstein met up with Harry and Dom of Peace before one of their many shows at SXSW in Austin, Texas. They talked about touing North America, being in a band with siblings and whether or not there is a Peace – Micheal J Fox family connection.

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toy band interview

Interview With Uk Band ‘Toy’

It’s nice to know that people are paying attention. It does really drive us a band. I think that most people and music fans can make their own minds up. You know the most important thing is that we can make music together, we really enjoy playing together

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Iceage interview

Iceage Interview

We caught up with Jakob Tvilling Pless on a cold night from Copenhagen Denmark while he was on his way to a gig. The band is gearing up for a North American tour. You can check out their latest album ‘Your Nothing’, which is out right now on Matador Records

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Interview with Soren

Interview With Soren From ‘Indians’

In the beginning I just wanted to put some songs that I had written on the Net, I didn’t have big plans for them. One day my Manager called me up and asked if I ws sitting down. He told me 4AD was interested in putting out my songs. The whole thing really came as a big surprise to me

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Interview With Dave Hartley From Nightlands

Northern Transmissions caught up with Dave Hartley from ‘Nightlands. He and his band are just about to hit the road with Efterklang. Nightland’s new album ‘Oak Island’ is available now on Secretly Canadian

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