Interview With Joel And Leanne From ‘Ejecta’

Interview with Ejecta, which features Joel Ford (Ford And lopatin) and Leanne Macomber (Neon indian). Their latest album "Dominae" is now out on Driftless.

Here’s our interview with Ejecta, the latest project featuring Joel Ford (Ford And Lopatin) and Leanne Macomber (Neon Indian). Their latest album “Dominae” is out on Driftless.

NT: ‘You recently played your first shows at CMJ, how did everything go?

Leanne: Real swell.

Joel: Was killer. So fun playing with our drummer Aynsley. Leanne shredded on guitar.

NT: The first couple of songs “Silver” and “It’s Only love” from your upcoming album Dominae were songs that you both brought to the table separately. Was this at a point when the group was really in an experimental phase?

Joel: Haha! The only video game I ever beat outside of the Mario Bros series, was Marble Madness, and I beat it the same day I got it (so proud). Yeah, its only Love and Silver were our first conquests within the Dominae recording process. Felt good to get those banging early.

NT: The album is a very personal record that deal with some pretty intimate subjects, was it a difficult album to write?

Leanne: I find writing very therapeutic. I believe that music is the truest escape. There are Trillions of people who will never care what I have to say so Im willing to be intimate.

NT: Many of the photos for the album have Leanne depicted as completely nude. Did you feel you still had emotions that weren’t resolved, that you wanted to express on Dominae?

Joel: Nudity for Ejecta is the absence of class distinction, of time, culture, and sexuality. Clothing has so many distracting connotations. Without them, Ejecta is an everyman we can project onto. Being exposed allows something more true universal and human to be expressed. I wish I could say making Dominae exercised whatever inspired her. Still there’s some very bright spots in there.

NT: In your bio, Leanne was quoted as saying that Joel had “Tinkered endlessly on some of the songs”, did you guys have different visions of where you wanted them to go?

Leanne: We were overwhelmingly in agreement as to the total sound of the record-but still- the reason you work with others is to generate ideas and to make something you couldn’t alone. Why else would you put up with the incessant verbal battery?

Joel: We work really well together. I don’t work with divas or spoiled brats. Leanne is neither of those. We’re two underdogs from weird places and we understand each other.

NT: Is ‘Ejecta’ going to be a full time project, you guys both have pretty full plates already?

Leanne: I’ve resigned myself to life as a waitress. Dreaming is for children.

Joel: We just signed a ten record deal with some vampires so I think we’ll be in Ejecta prison for a long time.

NT: Which five albums are still inspiring you guys?

Leanne: Generally, I love singles driven eras in pop music perhaps more than total albums. If I had to select a top 5 albums that have informed the music I make, they may not make sense in that their influence does not come across. Dirty Three’s ‘Whatever You Love You Are’ is incredible but there’s no direct link.

Joel: Thundercat – The Golden Age of Apocalypse, Broadcast – Haha Sound, Daft Punk – Homework, Gas – Pop, Fennesz – Venice, Scritti Politti – Cupid & Psyche


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