Interview With Scottish Duo ‘Honeyblood’

Northern Transmissions recently chatted with Stina Tweeddale, on half of Honeyblood.

Northern Transmissions recently chatted with Stina Tweeddale, one half of Scottish duo Honeyblood. Honeyblood’s self-titled record is now out via FatCat Records. Recorded at producer Peter Katis’ Tarquin Studios (The National, Interpol) in the last ten days of November. Honeyblood start their European September 11th in Stirling, GB.

Northern Transmissions: It’s sort of refreshing to hear someone sing the lyric “I will hate you forever” instead of the usual I will love you forever. Were you thinking about creating that kind of opposition when you wrote “Super Rat”?

Stina Tweeddale: Not at all. “Super Rat” was a little joke song between me and my friends. We make up funny songs to laugh about bad situations. I never really intended to turn it into a proper full length number, especially not a single on Honeyblood’s debut album… but here we are.

NT: You started out recording in your kitchen. What was it like recording the album, and were there certain ideas or sounds you wanted to make sure were captured in the studio?

ST: It was actually in someone else’s bathroom that we started recording out songs. Yes of course we had ideas of what we wanted when we went into the studio, mostly we wanted to capture the live feeling of our music. However, we still were certain we wanted to album to be able to let the songs sound as well as they possibly could.

NT: There’s something so straightforward about only two instruments. What do you think is the appeal of having only guitar and drums?

ST: We keep it simple. I don’t think that is a bad thing at all. Although, being only two of us was a complete accident. The third or fourth member of Honeyblood just hasn’t turned up yet.

NT: So much good music is coming out of Glasgow now. What about the city do you think encourages that creativity, and do you think it has had an effect on you?

ST: It’s a real vibrant place, and gets a lot of stick for being rough or whatever. It’s a gritty city and people aren’t judged or looked down on for doing what they want. Creatively it’s very free range.

NT: You’ve just been touring the US, Southsea Fest lined up for September, and a European tour in October. What’s the touring been like, and have you been writing any songs while on the road?

ST: Touring is changing for us now. We always were the support act and now we are becoming the headline band. It makes touring a different game. I’ve been really enjoying the fact that people are now coming to our shows especially to see us. And now that the album is out they even know the words to our songs. It’s very strange but so lovely to see.

NT: Which bands would you say had an impact on you, and why?

ST: So many… It’s really difficult to put into a sentence! A lot of great bands and definitely other female artists who gave the inspiration to do music.

NT: And – what are your favorite five albums?


The Breeders – Last Splash

Hang On The Box- For every punk bitch and arsehole

The Smiths- Hatful of hollow

Jenny Lewis and the Watson twins – Rabbit fur coat

The Smashing Pumpkins- Gish

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