“Indigo Children” By Various Blonde

Kansas City’s Various Blonde has a new video for their upbeat track “Indigo Children”.

Set in a desolate arcade, frontman Joshua Allen travels to another realm while trapped on the wrong side of the screen. Allen himself becomes trapped in an 8-bit daydream but finds relief in a relaxed two-step, finding light in life’s difficulties. As the world continues to struggle in a never-ending cycle of damning current events, Allen looks to the youth for answers. The video serves as a perfect visual aid for this engaging call to action. Various Blonde have gifted us with an unapologetic activist anthem.

Their new record, All Bases Covered, started to come together with producer Adam McGill (formerly of The Republic Tigers) when he started performing with the band. All Bases Covered was recorded between the band’s home studio and Element Recording Studios in the spring of 2016. They recorded their debut album Summer High back in 2014 with Mars Volta and Jack White keyboardist Isaiah “Ikey” Owens.