“I’m Still Standing” by Saint Clair

"I'm Still Standing" by Saint Clair is northern Transmissions' 'Song of the Day'
Saint Clair

Saint Clair recently shared her new single “I’m Still Standing”, the latest track to emerge from her forthcoming ‘D2’ EP (due April 2018 via her own Dearly Beloved imprint), following singles ‘Human Touch’ and ‘Amnesiac’ (produced by Terrible Records signing Rahm).

Self-producing and arranging for the very first time, Saint Clair takes Elton John’s fist-pumping, 80s smash and deftly spools it out into 4 minutes of quietly defiant, perfectly observed electronic soul. Speaking about her reimagining of the track, which pushes sparse guitar bursts and her resonant vocals to the fore, Saint Clair says; “I was touring in Australia last summer, and after exhausting almost every film on the long-haul flight home, stumbled across the Disney film ’Sing’. The gorilla performs a rip-roaring version of ‘I’m Still Standing’ which reminded me how much of a banger it was. So I got my laptop out and started playing around with how to approach it differently and ended up making it into a proper cover.”

Long before all this, Saint Clair began her musical life as a gigging jazz singer, as she puts it, “playing three or four times a week, getting ignored in the corner of a five-star hotel”. The experience now repays itself in Saint Clair’s easy integration of a love for old standards, soul (Stevie Wonder) and classic rock (The Beatles) with her affinity for the electronica-rooted modern soul of artists like Son Lux and James Blake. “I feel like at the heart of it, I’m a straightforward singer-songwriter” she explains. “The honesty of the lyrics found in jazz and delivered with such feeling by voices like Sarah Vaughn or Chet Baker taught me how to tell a story.”

Saint Clair
Track Listing

1. Amnesiac
2. Human Touch
3. I’ll Stay
4. I’m Still Standing
5. Human Touch (Seemore Beats Remix