“I’ll Take It Boring” Jordana

"I'll Take It Boring" Jordana is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day
Jordana photo by Jacob Clark

Jordana returns today with a brand new single, “I’ll Take It Boring”. The singer/songwriter’s new song leans away from the bedroom recordings of her debut album. Working with the up-and-coming New York producer and musician MELVV, who also produced previous single “Crunch”, remotely Jordana is embracing the maximal sounds that shone on her re-released debut album. “I’ll Take It Boring” is a driving indie-pop song lathered in synths, electronic drums and ambient sound while Jordana’s adept guitar work once again takes center stage. A timely ode to staying home Jordana says “I’ll Take It Boring” is “a song about my experience at a Halloween party which I regretted attending. It’s a song for all the introverts out there, for all the people who feel like blowing off their weekend plans and staying home.”

Jordana first announced the re-release of Classical Notions Of Happiness with the hooky lo-fi bedroom-pop song “Signs”, an ode to weird dates dictated by astrological inconsistencies, alongside the throwback video that opens with the driving bass line that runs throughout the track and Jordana herself in a parking lot hitting the woah. “Signs”, like all of Jordana’s songs, has a stark honesty and vulnerability to it. Disguising her incisive songwriting behind quotidian experiences Jordana is able to create moving vignettes about bad dates, intrusive thoughts and falling in love, with ease. She followed up with the scuzzy, fuzzed-out guitar-driven tune “Crunch.”

Grand Jury is an independent record label founded in New York City in 2014. Jordana joins a roster including fellow Midwesterns from Chicago rock n roll staples Twin Peaks and Twin City indie pop luminaries Hippo Campus, along with New York acts such as electronic singer-songwriter Elliot Moss, the kaleidoscopic pop troupe Rubblebucket, and indie rock upstart Samia.