“I’ll Never Give You Up” by Art d’Ecco

"I'll Never Give You Up" by Art d'ecco is Northern Transmissions' 'Song of the Day'.

Art d’Ecco recently released the single “I’ll Never Give You Up.” The track is off d’Ecco’s forthcoming release Day Fevers. The full-length was produced by Jason Corbett, and will be available September 29th.

Art d’Ecco’s story is anything but usual. After a period of personal turmoil, d’Ecco escaped the city life and relocated to the Gulf Islands of British Columbia to embark on a journey of much needed soul searching and personal rediscovery. He spent the last three years in relative seclusion on the island retooling, writing, and overcoming the obstacles of isolation and regret.

“Formed during the three year period I spent in isolation, tucked away in a cabin on one of the Gulf Islands in British Columbia. I’d fled a bad scene in Vancouver – my life was spinning out of control and I needed a refresh. I was burnt out and over playing music. The scene. The Debauchery. I was emotionally hollowed out. Eventually, I discovered that feelings of alienation and desire were something I could channel into music. I’ve always been a man of extremes, so it was in this escape that I rediscovered myself as an artist. These songs came from months of writing and from being alone.” – Art d’Ecco