Iglooghost Releases New Video For “Amu”

Iglooghost, has shared a new video for his latest single “Amu.
Iglooghost "Amu"

Iglooghost, has shared a new video for his latest single “Amu.” Recorded with a children’s choir, the song is about the ecosystem of an entity named Amu. The video, directed by Luke Gibson and featuring 3D animation from Christopher Casey Denton, follows a treacherous journey through dusk & night, starting at a chip shop to a hidden, lime-green shrine on the outskirts of town. As Iglooghost and his hovering friend Amu venture across the town’s transport networks, they begin to notice a lime-green gang of fiends following them.

To unlock the song, Iglooghost got listeners to help him find four hidden stones that were scattered across ancient websites. After all four stones were found within the four day hunt, “Amu” was unlocked. Gathered within a special discord chatroom, users had to organise themselves communally navigate through the digital hunt. Dealing with a jaded, elusive circle of sacred MP3 collectors – users traded, analysed and decoded mysterious files via SoulSeek and shady networks. Alongside this – they routinely bargained with a 12 year old producer by the name of Lil Blimpo. Blimpo experienced an otherworldly event at a Neolithic stone circle in Cornwall several weeks ago, and was unknowingly selling/leasing Soundcloud beats imbued with morse code and ethereal energy that was essential in locating the four stones.

Iglooghost on Online Puzzle:

“I think loads of people around my age grew up immersed in these kinds of feral, infinite wormhole-like music communities online. When I was 14 me and my friends would spend days doing ridiculous things like trading fake unreleased Odd Future beats for genuine ones, following breadcrumb trails of dead links and ancient profiles to grab demos from our favorite music people at the time. Mixing these kinds of experiences with storytelling and magic-realism was a really fun way to get tons of crazy weirdos in a chatroom cracking codes and spamming text at lightning speed. To me, treating the internet like a huge, expansive wilderness feels like a way more tantalising prospect than just staying cooped up on the same 3 social networks everyday.”


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