“Icarus” By Dominic Sen

Northern Transmissions Song of the Day is "Icarus" By Dominic Sen
Dominic Sen photo by Bo Chapli

Dominic Sen has shared her final single, “Icarus,” off her sophomore LP, Apparition, dropping June 9th via Grind Select. The track will assuage the ears of those who dig Caroline Polachek or Magdalena Bay.

On the track, Alexandra Lily Cohen AKA: Sen offers: “”Icarus” is a song about haphazardly taking a risk, and getting in over your head, but navigating through the storm with someone you trust and ultimately being rewarded for it. The album as a whole contains a lot of sea and water-related imagery, and Icarus is the pinnacle of this. I aimed to also create a track that literally felt like an oceanic journey – the sound of crashing waves, galloping plucks that mimic the rhythm of the tides, sections that are wide open and formless to represent reckoning with the deep and the vast.

In the album’s creation myth, ‘Icarus’ chronicles the moment in which the central figure accepts the fate of her powers and finds solace in the existence of another who shares it. Not knowing her destiny, she is confident to take it all in stride and unafraid of what lies ahead, even if it is further suffering and more trials.”

On her forthcoming LP Apparition, she draws narrative inspiration from the fictional and self-authored Geddir Luk’a Tam, but purposefully blurs the line between the mythological and the more personal aspects of the work. The result is a pop fantasia that draws from wide-reaching influences like Enya, PC Music, and Bach, and deals in thematic opposites – connection and isolation, creation and destruction, darkness and light. At its simplest, Apparition is a meditation on the natural world and the myriad wondrous appearances we encounter by virtue of existing each day.

“An apparition is many things. It is the arrival of the sun in our sky every morning. It is an unexpected connection with another living thing. Even the act of songwriting is an apparition,” says Cohen. “Creativity is fickle and capricious, like a stroke of lightning.”

Dominic Sen
Select Grind

1. Gilded Halls
2. Prayer
3. Apparition
4. Pomegranate
5. World Of Noise
6. Icarus
7. Folding In
8. Geyser
9. My Sun
10. My Stars
11. Looped & Knotted
12. Mist

As a physical companion to the album, Dominic Sen and Grind Select are offering a limited-edition zine consisting of sheet music for every song on Apparition in addition to lore and poetry that expands upon the record’s mythology. The zine comes with a preorder of the album on Bandcamp.


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