IBEYI reveal video for brand new track “River”

IBEYI revel video for brand new track "River" Ibeyi are currently recording their debut album for XL Recordings, with Richard Russell handling production

Ibeyi have today revealed the video for their brand new track ‘River’. Directed by Ed Morris, the gripping video sees Ibeyi (19 year old French-Cuban twins Naomi and Lisa-Kainde Diaz) submerged under water for much of the song’s three minutes and forty five seconds duration.‘River’ is the second track to be revealed from Ibeyi’s forthcoming debut ‘Oya’ EP on XL Recordings. Produced by Richard Russell, the

‘Oya’ EP is available to download and stream immediately, while a 12” vinyl version of the EP will be available late summer.

The full ‘Oya’ EP track list is as follows:

A1. Oya

A2. Oya (Oya Capella)

B1. River

B2. River (Oshun Dub)

Naomi and Lisa-Kainde Diaz are are daughters of the late Cuban percussion Anga Diaz. Naomi plays percussive instruments, the Cajonand the Batas, while Lisa plays piano. Together the twins have learned the songs of their father’s culture, Yoruba.Yoruba travelled from West Africa to Cuba with slavery in the 1700s. The Yoruba people have the highest twinning rate in the World, andtwins occupy an important position within Yoruba culture. Ibeyi is pronounced “ee-bey-ee” and translates as “Twins” in Yoruba. Ibeyi sing in English and Yoruba, and have created a minimalist sound that merges elements of their heritage with their natural love of modern music as teenagers grown up in Paris, citing artists such as James Blake and King Krule amongst their wide range of influences.

Ibeyi are currently recording their debut album for XL, with Richard Russell on production


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