“I Repeat Myself” by Duchess Says

Duchess Says recently premiered the video for “I Repeat Myself”. The track is the second single from their forthcoming full length, Sciences Nouvelles, available October 14th on Bonsound in Canada and Slovenly Recordings in the rest of the world.

The video was shot on vhs tape and incorporating classic video effects, it alternates footage of the band immersed in piles of vintage synthesizers with images of the band’s vocalist Annie-Claude Deschenes, who despite being shot almost exclusively from the neck up, delivers a captivating performance in her own inimitable style.

Duchess Says was formed in Montreal by members of an obscure religious organization known as the Church of Budgerigars. Composed of Annie-Claude Deschênes (vocals, guitar, keytar), Ismael Tremblay (keyboard, guitar), Phillipe Clément (guitar, gass) and Simon Besré (drums), the group aspire to ensure the faithful representation of the message of The Duchess, their spiritual leader, through “a precise artistic dialogue.”

From the first the band captured the attention of audiences in Montreal with their live shows, vicious and theatrical presentations centered around the uncompromising conviction of Deschênes, whose performances were marked by a devotional intensity, and the primacy she places upon physically contacting the audience and pushing the boundaries of her expression.

1. Inertia
2. Inertia Part II
3. I Repeat Myself
4. Negative Thoughts
5. Poubelle
6. Travaillez
7. Talk In Shapes
8. I’m an Idea
9. Pink Coffin
10. The Family Physicians

Upcoming Shows
10/10/2016 O’Briens, BOSTON, MA ~
11/10/2016 Goldilocks, PHILADELPHIA, PA ~
13/10/2016 Safari Lounge, WASHINGTON, DC ~
14/10/2016 Shea Stadium, BROOKLYN, NY ~
15/10/2016 Elvis Guesthouse, NEW YORK
20/10/2016 Latulipe, MONTRÉAL, QC
22/10/2016 Sous Bois, CHICOUTIMI, QC
26/10/2016 DSTRCT, GUELPH, ON
27/10/2016 The Garrison, TORONTO, ON
28/10/2016 Call The Office, LONDON, ON
29/10/2016 This Aint Hollywood, HAMILTON, ON
04/11/2016 House Of Targ, OTTAWA, ON
05/11/2016 Le Cercle, QUÉBEC, QC
10/11/2016 Urban Spree, BERLIN, GERMANY
14/11/2016 Le Botanique, BRUXELLES, BELGIUM *
17/11/2016 Pôle étudiant, NANTES, FRANCE °
18/11/2016 Petit Bain, PARIS, FRANCE °
19/11/2016 Les Trinitaires, METZ, FRANCE °
21/11/2016 Electrowerkz, LONDRES, UK
23/11/2016 Marché Gare, LYON, FRANCE
26/1/2016 Venster 99, VIENNE, AUSTRIA

~ w/ Future Punx
* w/ Prince Harry
° w/ Guerilla Toss