I.OYU3.33REA Little Snake

I.OYU3.33REA by Little Snake, is Northern Transmissions' 'Song of the Day,'
I.OYU3.33REA by Little Snake

Little Snake (real name Gino Serpentini) resides in Calgary, Alberta. His music deconstructs dancefloor norms and subverts traditional structures, balancing intricacy with explosive bass weight. His tracks have become a staple in Flying Lotus’s DJ sets who signed him to his label Brainfeeder in 2018, describing his productions as “fkn insane”. YATDC follows previous efforts ENTER EP, inspired by the Gaspar Noé film Enter The Void, and 2019’s LOST IN SPIRALS EP, informed by math rock, textural noise, acid techno and jungle.

Little Snake’s boundary-pushing new EP YATDC is out TODAY on Brainfeeder. A few words from Little Snake about his forthcoming EP YATDC comprising four new productions that juxtapose space, texture, melody, tempo and rhythm in his utterly inimitable style:

“YATDC does not fit into the category of an EP, an LP, or anything in between. YATDC is a message, delivered to you by omnipresent entities that have appeared in your skies for some time, via Little Snake as a vessel. It is something you have known for a long time, and you will soon return to it. Although you could not be told this directly, and even when you have deciphered it in full, words cannot fathom it. Through the centre point of every force and motion within this message, you will find the truth…”

Little Snake
Track Listing

1. I. OYU3.33REA
2. II. ETH2.22
3. III. 4.62287ARMED
4. IV. REACTOR0.93713