“I Feel It” Cat Clyde

Cat Clyde, recently released her latest single “I Feel It.” The song focuses mostly on the positive elements but also a little about the challenges, feeling relief and solace through connecting with nature. The track follows lead single “Mystic Light” and marks the first time Clyde has played piano on a recording. Her forthcoming full-length Down Rounder, available February 17, 2023.

Cat Clyde will join Lissie on a UK tour and open for Bonny Light Horseman at Celtic Connections in February 2023. with more dates to be announced soon.

Clyde’s follow-up to 2019’s spellbinding Hunters Trance began in her Quebec home studio in 2020, with plans to self-produce the record with her partner Strummer Jasson, in their cabin residence—recording was unexpectedly halted after an encroaching mold issue upended plans entirely. After moving out and returning back home, Clyde got in touch with producer Tony Berg (Phoebe Bridgers, Taylor Swift, Paul McCartney) whose schedule lined up with only a week’s notice in Los Angeles’ famed Sound City studios to lay down the entirety of Down Rounder in six days flat.

“Connecting with the natural environment around me inspired a lot of these songs, and sonically I feel like this record is very grounded as a result,” Clyde says while talking about the album’s thematic bend. “I wanted these songs to sound raw and rough, but also placed-together in a way that created—a simple beauty, like the changing seasons or a setting sun.” Keeping that bucolic perspective also drove the decision to include “I Feel It” and “The Gloom,” two songs whose recordings date back to the early Quebec sessions: “I wanted to still have that isolated perspective somewhere in the album, and those recordings still came together within the larger whole, too.”

Cat Clyde
Down Rounder

1. Everywhere I Go
2. Papa Took My Totems
3. Not Going Back
4. The Gloom
5. Mystic Light
6. Real Love
7. I Feel It
8. Eternity
9. Hawk In The Tree
10. Send You Love

Pre-order Down Rounder by Cat Clyde HERE


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