HVMM debuts video for “Circular Living”

HVMM debuts video for "Circular Living"

UK band HVMM is comprised of Guitarist Ebony Clay, bassist Jack Timmis, drummer Sam Jenkins, and singer Andy Teece. The band draw their influences from Tom Waits, Led Zeppelin and a smattering of Arctic Monkeys. Today, the band is debuting their video for “Circular Living”. HVMM, pronounced “hum,” released its debut EP Talk to Me Like I’m Dead last week. HVMM feels that this topic is tantamount to address in its art, and with this video, it’s starting the conversation.

Andy Teece on “Circular Living”

“The song is actually just about repeating a routine. Obviously, this is something we all do, but I myself wouldn’t necessarily call it a negative thing. In fact, for me, there’s quite a level of importance to it. The negative comes if and when you build a level of importance around these routines, and convincing yourself they’re what you want when it actually couldn’t be further from the truth!

I’m talking about the big routines we choose in life (i.e work, relationships, etc), not something small like putting your plate in the dishwasher after dinner. Suicide is the worst outcome in this situation, especially when, maybe, that person feels you can’t make changes you so desperately want. The positive result of this would be actually making that change and, ya know, making moves towards normalizing your life.”


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