Hudson Mohawke Shares “Bicstan” Video

Hudson Mohawke Shares "Bicstan" Video. The track is off the UK artist forthcoming release Cry Sugar, available August 12th
Hudson Mohawke Shares new video for "Bicstan"

Hudson Mohawke has shared the a video for the previously released single “Bicstan.” The track arrives just ahead of Hudmo’s new album Cry Sugar, which drops on August 12th. Co-directed by Alan Resnick & comedian Patti Harrison (The Lost City, Big Mouth, Together Together) who also stars in the visual.

Speaking on the video’s concept, Alan and Patti stated, “When we first heard the song Bicstan from Hudson Mohawke we both started dancing like crazy and couldn’t stop. When the song ended we noticed a dusty basketball in the corner of the room that was not there before. The idea for the music video came directly from this experience. We saved a lot of money on production because we already had that free basketball.”

The album serves as Hudson Mohawke’s first work deeply informed by apocalyptic film scores and soundtracks by everyone from the late Vangelis to the goofy major-chord pomp of 90s John Williams. Especially on tracks like “Stump,” gut-wrenching scenes emerge as party-goers return home post-club amidst rising sea-levels, bomb cyclones, and flickering wildfires. Cry Sugar also serves as Mohawke’s own demented OST to score the twilight of our cultural meltdown. Despite the apocalyptic undercurrent, Mohawke foregrounds the iridescent vibrattos of gospel choirs, soul samples, and scat-sampling throughout Cry Sugar. Known for his deft uses of fragmentation and deconstruction, Mohawke presents our fraught cultural moment as set against the quintessential backdrop of late capitalism—a tightrope walking between chaos and the unashamedly euphoric.

Hudson Mohawke
Cry Sugar
Track List

1. Ingle Nook
2. Intentions
3. Expo
4. Behold
5. Bicstan
6. Stump
7. Dance Forever
8. Bow
9. Is It Supposed
10. Lonely Days
11. Redeem
12. Rain Shadow
14. 3 Sheets To The Wind
15. Some Buzz
16. Tincture
17. Nork 69
18. Come A Little Closer
19. Ingle Nook Slumber

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