How Sad Premieres “It Is What It Is” Cover

How Sad Premieres "It Is What It Is" (Blood Orange Cover). Indian Summer Debut self-titled EP is Out Now

How Sad started out in Montreal as the nom de guerre attached to a handful of personal bedroom recordings, but quickly morphed into a band playing hook-laden synth pop tailored towards live performance. There’s an underlying sombre tone to the lyrics, but having those themes juxtaposed with relentlessly energetic music makes for an explosive combination.

Their unpredictable live setup finds them pounding on drums, passionately shouting over sampled beats and screeching with warped guitars. After building a reputation for themselves in their hometown they set off to tour Canada and the U.S. in 2012 playing alongside acts like Purity Ring, Twin Sister, Rich Aucoin, Darwin Deez, and many more. Their first EP Indian Summer is out now.

‘Indian Summer’ EP Tracklisting

01 Bad Time
02 Hot Blur
03 Macee
04 Stockholm Syndrome
05 Indian Summer


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