Hot Knives Stream New Album

Hot Knives are streaming their new album Making Love To Make Music To Make Love To via Bandcamp and other streaming services
Hot Knives Making Love To Make Music To

Hot Knives have shared share Making Love To Make Music To Make Love To is Hot Knives’ first full-length effort, a result of providence, and the end result of years of practice, planning, and meditation. MLTMMTMLT drips with the beauty and voracity of its rock and roll forebears while pushing into uncharted sonic territory. We are pretty sure that Hot Knives on Making Love To Make Music To is a reference to the epic album by Sonic Boom’s previous project Spaceman 3’s release Taking Drugs to Make Music to Take Drugs To. 

Hot Knives on Making Love To Make Music To Make Love To:

Following a mystical experience that opened a channel of communication with the rock gods themselves, Hot Knives was tapped by the ghost of Jimi Hendrix to bear the torch of rock and roll. Songs like “Cosmogony” and “Metanoia” were divinely inspired straight from the source, while cuts like “Static Bloom” and “How to Recognise Different Types of Trees” surfaced through near-telepathic, focused collaborative writing. As the concept gained momentum and Hot Knives developed the sound, the album transitioned from a home-recorded DIY project to a full studio experience that conveys the transcendence, intensity, and depth of a Hot Knives live set. By a stroke of luck, a cold email to Sonic Boom (of Spacemen 3, Spectrum) resulted in vivid, mind-bending art to visually complement the album. The album will have a limited vinyl release of 100 on coke-bottle wax. Making Love To Make Music To Make Love To, now available everywhere.

Every year, when winter breaks into spring, we feel the change before we see it. Before the flower beds burst into electric blooms of new life against a backdrop of grey earth, our bodies surge with energy, and small moments of joy take on a new richness. Making Love To Make Music To Make Love To is a tribute to these ephemeral (yet eternal) moments of clarity that heighten our senses and make us feel free again. Following one of the longest winters our world has ever endured, Making Love To Make Music To Make Love To is a joyful clamor to wake the dead.

The album’s sonic palette and lyrical turns seek to illuminate the mundane. “Metanoia” serves as the incantation, a primordial, psychedelic stew in which booty-shaking riffs emerge from swirls of enveloping noise. The bounding swing and slicing guitars of “Alhambra, Baby” capture the feeling of being tossed around in the throes of new romantic love, while “Judas Reigns” looks back on the solitude of winter, cast upon the apocalyptic American landscape. Written and recorded to convey the mystical elation of new romance, precious time with friends, and the natural beauty of our planet, Making Love To Make Music To Make Love To is a quivering light in vast darkness; a cool drink to quench the soul’s long thirst. Listen today and let it take you to the other side.

Recording and mixing by Craig Dreyer at Mighty Toad Studios
Additional recording and mixing by Nick Dooley
Mastered by Paul Gold at Salt Mastering
Album Art by Sonic Boom (Spacemen 3, Spectrum)
Design by Desisto

order limited edition run of vinyl are available via Bandcamp here.