The Horrors reveal track from “Luminous”

The Horrors reveal new track from forthcoming album Luminous, out May 6 on XL Recordings. The Horrors play June 7th at Victoria Park in London, UK

Last month British act The Horrors announced their return with details of their fourth studio album Luminous (out May 6 on XL Recordings), promising a ‘weirder, wilder and more colourful’ sound.  Today the band will reveal “So Now You Know,” bringing fans one step further into the technicolour world of Luminous that awaits. A hazy backdrop of bubbling synths expand into an otherworldly widescreen affair, with the  vocals of Faris Badwan leading the way.

Luminous is out on XL Recordings on May 6 and is available to pre-order now on iTunes, with “I See You” available as an instant grat track.  Those who have pre-ordered the album will instantly get “So Now You Know.”  The Horrors were determined to make an album that was brighter, more positive, more electronic. ‘We’ve refined our sound,” affirms lead singer Faris Badwan, “and in terms of songwriting it is the record I’m happiest with.” Or, in the words of bass player Rhys Webb, “it’s not so much about heavier guitars as a heavier potency… We want to make music you can dance to, music that elevates…”


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