“Horns” by Antony Payne

Antony Payne’s latest release, “Horns”, is off his forthcoming release Glory is described as “haunting, danceable, and poetic all at once. The song begins with an odd, innocent giggle, followed by vast, melting synths, creating a sort of bizarre, freak show-like atmosphere immediately”. Colors of despair begin to surface when Antony’s distinctive voice is pitch shifted downward, utilizing pop production in a much more avant-garde environment. Today he has released the video for the single.

Antony Payne on video for “Horns”:

The video really serves as visual translation for the hook. Donovan Ortega, who edited the film, used found footage to show sort of a portal into another world. I wrote the song about a time when I was a slave to my own circumstances, but I’d catch glimpses of freedom in my mind- that’s the color. There’s also a social factor to the video; I think the video depicts what a lot of us are feeling, inwardly, about about the current state of society.


Antony Payne was born in Salem, Massachusetts, in a home touched by love and alcoholism. His father went back to his birth country of England whenAntony was four in order to avoid a prison sentence. Growing up in humble conditions, Antony’s mother placed importance on his education and creative outlets. As a young artist, he found success showing work in gallery shows, writing, and acting in plays. Although he had no formal training as a child,Antony recalls feeling a profound appreciation for music. Being exposed to what he still considers the best of the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s, Antony fell in love with the contemporary album. In his teenage years, Antony developed issues with addiction and faced subsequent consequences with the law. Despite his troubles, Antony went on to study at Tufts and The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, until he dropped out to go to a drug & alcohol rehabilitation center in Florida. In the year leading up to his stay in rehab, between detox and psych ward visits, Antony found himself composing music and teaching himself to play the guitar and piano.

After moving to South Florida to get sober, Antony began his pursue songwriting. Creating the habit of completing three new songs a week, he had soon assembled a band named “Dog Years”, and was performing regularly. After the band’s drummer died of an overdose, the band was forced to stop playing, which swayed Antony to become a more self-sufficient artist. Not wanting to face the hardships he had with the band, he taught himself production, mixing, and mastering. Locking himself in a room for the better part of a year, using a closet for a vocal booth, Antony was able to hone his skills and finish two EP’s (Cherish and Shelter). While releasing music videos for every song on each of the EP’s, he began to work on his debut full length album, Glory.

The conception of Glory was simple: a cognitive narrative of Antony’s life, starting with the loss of his childhood innocence and resolving in the modern day. Antony wanted to make the album an honest reflection of both his personal failures and triumphs, portraying complex emotions that contradict what one might expect from certain situations; but that he has found himself experiencing. The album was recorded over the course of a few months at Romanelli Recordings in Hollywood, Florida. Wanting to be as involved as possible in the sound of the album, Antony performed all of the instruments himself, including: piano, guitar, bass, drums, organ, synth, and other percussion instruments. While finishing the mixing and mastering of the album, he continued to build, assembling a band and playing regular shows from Miami to West Palm Beach. Antony created the artwork for the album, and dedicated it to his old friend and drummer, who had passed away and inspired him to pursue his solo efforts. Glory is set to release in Summer 2017.


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